Respelling helps pronunciation

Respelling helps pronunciation

Respelling helps pronunciation

Respelling helps pronunciation

When I work with my accent reduction coaching clients on their American English pronunciation, one strategy that I use is respelling.

Why respelling works

One reason American English is difficult to pronounce is because there’s not a clear correspondence between spelling and pronunciation.

When one of my clients is struggling to pronounce a word correctly, I often respell the word the way it’s pronounced.

Two examples

Here are two examples of words that I usually respell for my clients.

1. vehicle

I spell it like this vee→ᵞəkəl

2. developmental

I spell it like this dəveləpme→nnəl

These respellings always help my clients pronounce these words clearly & correctly.

Listen here


Stress & schwa symbols

Since clear spoken English requires an understanding of syllable stress, I use symbols to help people use that.

  • I use this symbol → to indicate the vowel sound that should be stressed.
  • I use the schwa symbol /ə/ to indicate which vowel sounds should be reduced.

Learn the correct pronunciation of any word

I believe that you can learn to pronounce any word with more clarity if you understand the patterns for stress & schwa.

Respelling helps you SEE and UNDERSTAND these patterns.

When able to SEE these patterns using respelling, they are able to pronounce words correctly.

I can show you how

If you’re an international professional, who’d like to learn the rules for American English pronunciation, check out my training programs by following the link below.

My training programs will teach you how speak American English in a way that you will understand!

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About the author

Susan Ryan is the author of the ConfidentVoice blog and an American English communication and accent reduction coach.