Should You Pronounce Word Final Y? Yes!

You Need to Pronounce Word Final Y

Pronounce word final Y.

Pronounce word final Y.

Many of my accent reduction coaching clients from Chinese, Polish, Spanish &  Russian speaking backgrounds fail to articulate the sound of the letter Y when it occurs at the end of a word.

You do need to do this!

The Sound of Word Final Y

When the letter Y occurs at the end of the word it sounds like /iʸ/ as in Green.

This sound doesn’t receive as much stress as the vowel in the stressed syllable, but it does have sound.

You can think of this as secondary stress.

Practice Saying the Sound of Word Final Y

Here are a few words you can use to practice this sound.

  1. study
  2. activity
  3. policy
  4. certainly
  5. nicely
  6. ready
  7. early
  8. many
  9. forty
  10. pretty

Listen to my pronunciation here.

Did you hear that nice /iʸ/ as in Green sound?

What Happens if You Don’t Say This Sound?

If you fail to articulate the word final Y sound, your words will sound choppy to the American listener. They’ll probably understand you, but your words will feel short and cut off.

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