Speak English with a Good Pace

Speak English with a Good Pace

Speak English with a Good Pace

Speak English with a Good Pace

Do you need some strategies for speaking American English with a good pace?

Here is a strategy that will help you

When North Americans speak they divide longer sentences into phrases.

Pronunciation teachers call these phrases thought groups.

Thought Groups

As we say each though group or phrase, we emphasize the focus word.

Then, we insert a tiny pause before the next thought group begins.

You could say that each thought has it’s own melody.

You May Not Be Doing This!

Many non-native speakers never learned to speak English using thought groups.

This often makes their speech sound too fast for American listeners to easily understand.

Tiring & Difficult to Process

Speaking too fast, without using phrases and focus word emphasis will make your speech difficult to process.

You’re listeners will feel tired, because they can’t easily grasp what you’re saying.

Deliver Your Message Clearly

There’s no “Golden Rule” for dividing longer sentences into phrases or thought groups.

It really depends on the idea that you’re trying to convey.

Learn to Speak with a Good Pace

In my iBook, American Accent Fundamentals, I teach you how to speak English using a pace that Americans like & understand.

If you prefer to study & learn using your iPad, download the first chapter for free to see how it works!

There are lots of proven tips for speaking clear American English here on my ConfidentVoice blog.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.