Speak in Phrases to Improve American English Pronunciation

Don't speak word by word!

Don’t speak word by word!

Here’s an idea that my surprise you~

American English is not spoken word by word.

Instead, Americans speak in phrases.

The less important words in each phrase are reduced. They’re blended and linked together.

Only the most important words are emphasized.

Speak in Phrases to Improve American English Pronunciation

If you’re trying to speak American English in a way that’s easy for the native speaker to understand, it’s best to speak in phrases.

Speaking Word by Word Sounds Choppy

If you speak WORD by WORD by WORD by WORD…..your speech will sound choppy and unpleasant to the native listener.

You won’t sound fluent.

After awhile, your listeners “tune out” and stop listening to you.

Use These Techniques for a Smooth & Pleasant Sound

To speak American English with a smooth, pleasant sound, that your listeners will like, you’ll need to use

You won’t sound fluent right away…but once you learn these techniques, you’ll understand how important it is to speak in phrases.

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