The Schwa + /r/ Sound

Let’s talk about the schwa + r sound.

Here is the symbol → /ɚ/

Schwa + /r/ is very common sound in spoken American English!

The letter combinations or, er, ur & ir often have the /ɚ/ sound. Here are some common words that end with this sound.

  • doctor
  • future
  • water
  • computer
  • dollar
  • honor

Although the /ɚ/ sound creates a syllable at the end of many words, this syllable does not have a clear vowel sound.

Many people feel that when a vowel is followed by the letter R, the vowel sound isn’t really heard at all!

Remember, there is only one vowel in each word that has MAJOR STRESS or EMPHASIS. Other vowel sounds, like the /ɚ/ are often reduced.

This STRESSreduceSTRESSreduceSTRESSreduce pattern contributes to the melody of American spoken English. ♬

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