Do you know all the soundz of the American S?

Do YOU know all the soundz of the American S?

how to pronounce the letter S

The sounds of the letter S.

If you don’t, there’z a good chance that you’re saying many wordz with a little bit of an accent.

The Letter S Has Many Sounds

I had a really great response to yesterday’z post, When S soundz like /z/.

So I’ll continue with this theme by sharing  some wordz in which S sounds like /ʒ/.

Ready?…..Here we go!

The letter S has a /ʒ/ sound in these words:

  1. pleasure
  2. measure
  3. treasure
  4. vision
  5. version
  6. Asian
  7. conclusion
  8. division


Listen Here


There’s a Pattern

Can you pick out the pattern? Look closely at the spellings of these words…..

Here’s the pattern:

When the letter S occurs before a U or I, the sound often becomes /ʒ/.

Interesting, izn’t it? ☝

Letters Have More Than One Sound

When you take one of my American accent programz, you’ll learn that many letterz have more than one sound.

This happenz with both vowel soundz and consonant soundz.

The Letter S Haz 4 Soundz

  • /s/
  • /z/
  • /ʒ/
  • /ʃ/

The Letter A Haz 5 Soundz

  • /ey/ as in Gray
  • /æ/ as in Black
  • /ǝ/ schwa
  • /ɑ/ as in Olive
  • /ɛ/ as in Red

You can follow this link to learn more about all the American Vowel sounds.

Learn the Soundz and Patternz

Once you can learn to hear….. and  then uze the correct soundz and patternz, you’ll be able to speak English more clearly.

You’ll be able so speak more professionally!

American Accent Training Programz

Check out my American accent training programs so that YOU can learn to speak more clearly in your area of expertise.

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