Use a Held T for Smoother American Speech

Pitch notesThe Held T Sound & Smooth Speech

Last weekend, one of my accent reduction coaching clients asked me a great question about the Held T sound.

He asked:

How do you say the T sound in the phrase “that they”? Is the T dropped? How should I pronounce it?

When to Use the Held T

In American English, the T is “held” when it occurs before another consonant.

It’s held in the throat. It’s not a sharp sound!

American English speakers use a held T within words:

  • atmosphere
  • atlas
  • Atlanta

You should not say a strong T sound in these words.

American English speakers use a held T  across word boundaries:

  • that they
  • that we
  • won’t they
  • can’t they

You should not say a strong T sound in these phrases.

Smoother American Speech

If you are trying to speak American English more smoothly…. with a less choppy sound, you should definitely learn how to use the Held T sound.

Where Can I Learn to Do This?

The Held T is not a difficult sound to learn. And using it will allow you to speak English more smoothly.

I teach you how to use all the sounds of the American T in my iBook, American Accent Fundamentals.

American Accent Fundamentals - Susan M. Ryan

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