Using Reduced Speech in American English

Using Reduced Speech in American English

Using reduced speech

This week several of my accent reduction coaching clients asked me  how they can make their spoken English sound more NATURAL.

I explained to them that one way to do that is to  use reduced speech.

What is reduced speech?

Reduced speech refers to the way that native speakers compact words together. This involves

  • linking words together
  • blending sounds together
  • using the schwa vowel sound
  • using contractions

This connected or reduced speech is not sloppy or informal.  It’s the way most Americans speak English in everyday situations.

Americans use a lot of reduced speech

American English speakers link smaller words together.

We use contractions.

We un-stress many syllables by using the schwa vowel sound.

Examples of reduced speech include

  • contractions
  • linking sounds together
  • sound assimilation
  • deletion of certain sounds
  • using the schwa vowel sound

Your speech will sound more natural

Using reduced speech forms will make your English sound more natural and melodic to native speakers.

If you learn to use these forms correctly, along with using syllable stress and focus words you will be able to speak English quickly and still be understood.♬

I teach you how to use reduced speech

I teach you how to speak American English in a way that’s both clear and natural in my American Accent Master Class.

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About the author

Susan Ryan is an American accent coach. She teaches international professionals to speak clear and engaging American English.