What speech habits do you need to change?

Changing Speech Habits

Changing Speech Habits

Changing Speech Habits

What speech habits do you need to change to bring your American English up to the next level?

Everyone is Different

Everyone is different. Different language backgrounds, different careers, different goals…

This means that in order to speak American English with increased

  • clarity
  • professionalism
  • confidence
  • engagement

You’ll need to understand which of your current speech habits you need to change.

Good to Great

As Jim Collins says in his acclaimed bestselling book, Good to Great,

  • in order to have new ideas, we often need to let go of old ones
  • in order to learn, we first need to recognize what we need to unlearn

That’s how it works when you’re trying to change your accent. You’ve got to let go of some of your old ways of speaking.

And that can be challenging!

Most People Need to Learn About American English Melody

When if comes to American English, speaking with the right melody (stress & intonation) is really important.

Dos & Don’ts

Right now, you habitually speak using the patterns of your native language.

If your native language gives equal stress to each syllable, you’ll tend to do that when you speak American English (we definitely don’t do that!).

If your native language doesn’t use distinctive rising falling intonation patterns, you won’t do that when you speak American English (even though you should).

A Coach Can Help you Break Your Old Habits!

While working with a client in my accent reduction coaching program this morning, he said to me;

Susan, since we started working together, I’ve been able to break my old habits for speaking English. I’ve been able to learn the new habits I needed to make people understand me. It’s taken me awhile to do this. But it’s really happening.

His honest and thoughtful reflection really made my day!

And he’s right, I, and everyone else, now understands him much more easily. That’s because he’s broken some of his old speaking habits and adopted new ways,  the American way of

  • saying key words with the correct syllable stress
  • asking information questions using rising falling intonation

Your Habits 

If your career success depends on clear American English communication, you owe it to yourself to invest in some training. Read more information here on my blog to learn more about how to speak in a style that’s clear and engaging.

  1. Start with my syllable stress archive
  2. And then go to my intonation archive

Accent Reduction Training Courses

Or check out my training courses and start doing some focused work on your communication skills. Old habits are hard to change. But you can do this. You just have to start!

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