Why do I have an accent when I speak American English?

Why do I have an accent when I speak American English?Why do I have an accent when I speak American English?

There’s nothing wrong with you if you speak American English with an accent.

If I went to your country of origin, and tried to speak your language, I’d speak with an accent too!

I’d bring all my American speech habits and sounds to your language. And it would sound foreign to you.

Modifying your accent

Many people who move to the US or Canada to pursue their careers choose to modify their foreign accent.

They want to communicate in a manner thats clear and confident.

Over the past eight years, I’ve worked with hundreds of people who wanted to modify their accent and speak American English with clarity.

During this time, I’ve realized that there are common reasons why people born outside North America speak American English with an accent.

Below are five of the most common reasons.

5 common reasons why you speak American English with an accent

1. You’re not using the schwa vowel sound

2. You’re not using syllable stress correctly

4. You’re not pronouncing your word final sounds clearly

5. You’re not using the American T sounds

Other reasons

Of course there are other reasons as well.

These include lack of sharp articulation of the Th sounds, the /w/ sound & the /ʤ/ sound.

Or clear differentiation between the various sounds of the letters O & A.

But almost every person who I’ve worked with in my accent reduction coaching program needed to work on the 5 features above.

Noticeable improvements

Once my clients learned how to use the schwa vowel sound, use the correct syllable stress, pronounce word final sounds clearly and use the American T sounds, their speech sounded more clear, professional and easy to understand.

They made noticeable improvements to the way they spoke.

  • People didn’t ask them to repeat what they said.
  • They made better connections with others.
  • They felt more confident expressing their ideas.
  • They were able to move forward in their careers.

How can you learn these features of American English?

What can you do if you want to change the way you speak?

How can you learn to use the features of spoken English that I listed above?

The best way to learn

You can begin learning using a book or an audio course.

If you’re a self starter, you can use online or audio courses to understand the rules of spoken American English.

However, most people find it challenging to apply the rules without some feedback.

Work with a coach

By far,  the most effective and fastest way to make changes to the way you speak is to work with a coach.

An accent reduction coach, like me, can provide you with focused feedback.

An accent reduction coach can show you how to apply the rules to the words & phrases you use everyday.

An accent reduction coach will encourage you and keep you accountable.

Start today

If you start working on your communication skills this month, you’ll have made noticeable changes by Thanksgiving.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Contact me at susan@confidentvoice.com if you’d like me to send you a PDF with details and prices.

I’d be very pleased to show you how to improve the way you speak American English.