Why don’t people understand me when I speak English?

Why don’t people understand me when I speak English?

Why don't people understand me when I speak English?

Why don’t people understand me when I speak English?

Do you wonder why people don’t understand you when you speak English?

Even though you are extremely:

  • well educated
  • professional
  • career oriented
  • successful

You may speak English with an “accent” that North Americans find challenging to understand.

You learned English outside of North America

If you learned English outside of North America, there’s a good chance that people born in the U.S. and Canada won’t understand you.

  • Maybe your boss said that your communication skills weren’t good enough
  • Maybe you noticed that people look away or seem confused when you talk to them.
  • Perhaps you said a word that someone didn’t understand…so you had to spell it out.
  • Perhaps people avoid you because processing your speech takes too much effort.

Personal accent assessment

This happens to many highly accomplished professionals. You’re not alone.

Many professionals who want to find out exactly what their communication problems are.

They want to know exactly WHY Americans don’t always understand them.

They want to know exactly WHAT they need to change in order to speak clearly.

They choose to get a personal accent assessment because they understand that clear communication is critical for career success.

Learn the techniques 

When you sign up for a personal accent assessment, you’ll find out how to speak English in a way that Americans will understand.

I tell you the specific features of American English that YOU need to adopt including:

  1. How to speak with the right pace.
  2. How to ask questions correctly.
  3. How to lengthen vowel sounds.
  4. How to pronounce tricky consonant sounds.

It’s not your fault!

Don’t blame yourself if you’re having problems being understood.

It’s not your fault that no one taught you the rules for speaking clear American English.

But if you want to make positive changes to the way you speak, a personal accent assessment is the very best place to start.

Hundreds of professionals have made huge improvements in their communication style by getting a personal accent assessment.

You can do that too!

Learn more about personal accent assessments

Follow the link to more about how a personal accent assessment works.

You can speak clear American English. An accent assessment will show you how you can do that.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach.

Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.