Why Thomas Kurian is a great speaker

Why Thomas Kurian is a great speaker

Thomas Kurian

Thomas Kurian

I just had the opportunity to watch a short video of Oracle’s President of Product Development, Thomas Kurian.

I was very impressed with how clearly he speaks American English.

Do you know why Thomas’s speech is so clear?

Thomas stresses words correctly

Thomas’s speech is clear because consistently stresses words on the correct syllable. I want you to listen to him for just a minute or so.

Open the video in a new tab and play to 1:20.

Listen for these words 

Listen closely to the way Thomas says the words below using the correct syllable stress. He emphasizes one syllable in each word. I’ve marked the stress with an →

  1. applica→tions
  2. pro→duct
  3. i→nfrastructure
  4. capabi→lities       (he used the correct /ey/ as in Gray sound)
  5. e→nterprise
  6. ERP→
  7. ca→pital
  8. CRM→
  9. pro→cesses
  10. da→ta

Most non native speakers do not stress words correctly in American English. This is one of the key reasons Americans don’t understand foreign accents.

Thomas does stress words correctly. Listen to the video. He stresses the correct syllable every time!

Pace & pauses

Additionally, since Thomas was speaking to a large audience in this video, he used many pauses.

These pauses allowed everyone to easily process what he’s saying.

His pace is easy to follow? Right?

Perfect is not important

Does Thomas have a perfect American accent? No, there are some small variations in his speech.

Does he need to have a perfect American accent?

Absolutely not! Thomas sounds clear, professional and engaging. He’s pleasing to listen to and he’s very easy to understand.

Are you on your way up?

In my coaching program I get to work with software developers and IT professionals who are on their way up.

My clients are becoming CTO’s, senior managers, company founders and international consultants. They work with me because they want to communicate clearly with Americans at a new level.

What you need to learn

In our accent reduction coaching sessions, my clients learn to speak with the correct syllable stress. This makes their words sound clear.

In our accent reduction coaching sessions, my  clients learn to use pauses. This makes their pace easy to follow.

My clients use models such as Thomas Kurian, Vic Gundotra & Neerja Raman for mirroring and inspiration.

Skype accent coaching

If clear and engaging American English is critical for your career, you may want to consider accent reduction coaching.

Follow this link to learn more about how my Skype coaching sessions work.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.  

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