Will Toastmaster’s help me speak with an American accent?

Will Toastmaster’s help me speak with an American accent?Speak Clearly Toastmaster Podcasts

Last week I wrote about the top five reasons people choose to improve their American accent. If you missed that post, you can see the five reasons here.

Reason number five in my list was about Toastmasters. That’s because my clients who’ve attended Toastmasters tell me:

Susan, I’m in Toastmasters and I really enjoy speaking at my club. The people in my club are very supportive, but the  feedback they give me isn’t helping to me improve my accent.

It’s not their mission

And it’s true. You won’t get specific or specialized help with your foreign accent at a Toastmasters club. Toastmasters are not trained to provide you with feedback on your accent. That’s not their mission.

• You won’t learn to use syllable stress at Toastmasters.

• You won’t learn to pronounce the 15 American vowel sounds at Toastmasters.

• You won’t learn to link and blend sounds together like native speakers do at Toastmasters.

In order to learn the speaking skills listed above, you’ll need to get specific American accent training.

American accent training + Toastmasters

I believe that taking American accent training and participating in Toastmasters at the same time is a winning combination.

That’s because you can apply what you’re learning in your accent training each time you speak in the supportive environment of your Toastmasters club.

You can listen attentively to how the engaging speakers in your Toastmasters Club use syllable stress, vowel sounds, linking and blending.

Toastmasters are really cool people who care about good communication, but you can’t expect your fellow Toastmasters to give you feedback on your accent.

You’ll need special help with that.

American accent training programs

In my American accent training programs for international professionals, you’ll learn specific speaking techniques that will enable you to speak English in a way that Americans understand.

If you’re ready to learn that, I invite you to take a trial lesson on my ConfidentVoice American Accent Training platform.

Good communication skills will make your life richer and a lot more fun! Invest in yourself today.

(Each lesson is very focused and takes about ten minutes to complete.)

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.