Words with the Voiceless TH Sound

Words with the Voiceless TH Sound

American English has two TH sounds.

For both TH sounds you need to place your tongue gently between your teeth.

One TH sound is voiced and one is voiceless.

The voiceless TH sound is found in the middle of these common words.

  • something
  • everything
  • anything
  • nothing
  • birthday
  • faithful
  • wealthy
  • healthy
  • methods

Many non native speakers of American English pronounce the TH as a /t/.

This sounds kind of funny to native listeners; especially if you say things like BirTday or FaiTful.

People from many language backgrounds tend to do this; Spanish speakers, Chinese speakers, Indian speakers and Russian speakers.

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About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.